Alta Vista
Regional Hospital

Owner:Alta Vista Regional Hospital
Architect: Architecture & Design, PC
Project: MRI removal and installation
Contract Amount: $494,769
Contract Date: 
September 2017
Completion Date: March 2018

In September 2017 we were asked to remove the old MRI from the hospital, and replace it with a new 1T machine.

Demolition started right away. There were several challenges with the removal of the old machine and installation of the new machine. We had to cut an 8′ x 8′ opening in the outside of the building, remove various door frames, and cut an 8′ x 8′ opening in the existing RF shield.

The project was a success, and the new MRI is a great addition for the hospital and for the community.

Just for Kids
Dental Clinic

Owner: Michael Mortaji & Dr. Ron Montano
Architect: Sonalysts, Inc.
Project: Renovation
Contract Amount: $302,915
Start Date: August 2001
Completion Date: April 2002

Just for Kids Dental Clinic was a 5,000 sq. ft. tenant improvement in the existing Ladera Shopping Center on Albuquerque’s West Side. The project included demolition of the existing tenant space and construction of new office, restrooms, laboratory and reception areas. The scope also included an x-ray room, six opitories and a hygiene room with four chairs.

LANL Occupational Medical Facility

Owner: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Engineer: DWL, Albuquerque, NM
Project: Design-Build Medical Center
Contract Amount: $1,406,188
Completion Date: September 2003 

Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Medical Center is a 22,000 sq. ft. patient care facility that includes medical examination rooms, urgent care and decontamination areas, special communication network capabilities, x-ray and diagnostic testing areas, clinical laboratories, medical records rooms, specimen collection restrooms, conference rooms, an audiometry area, administration offices, and outpatient clinic areas. 

The building structure is comprised of a pre-engineered metal building, with stucco curtainwalls and parapets, providing a design element which complements and enhances the simple underlying structure. Pavilion-style canopy structures at the main and emergency entrances provide shelter at ingress/egress areas.

Mick Rich Contractors performed the site grading and excavation, poured the concrete foundation, provided the pre-engineered building and erection, and installed all exterior EIFS and storefront entrances, including automatic openers and card readers. We also provided all interior building finishes, including all medical specialty work station casework, anti-static seamless resilient flooring and carpet, and all specialty doors, operators, and hardware.

New Mexico
Spine Center

Owner: Ortho Link, Inc.
Architect: Stegenga + Blanton, PC
Project: Renovation at Presbyterian Hospital Medical Center
Contract Amount: $518,785
Start Date: August 2001
Completion Date: November 2001


Mick Rich Contractors was contracted by the Presbyterian Professional Building to renovate an open space within the New Mexico Spine Center on its 6th floor. Construction consisted of a complete renovation on the 2,500 sq. ft. open space. The building was actively in use by the owner, Presbyterian Hospital, as well as the Steadman Hawkins Denver Clinic. Within the scope of the work was the creation of a new reception area, new office space, medical lab rooms, and a new X-Ray area. Also included in the renovation were new bathrooms, complete carpeting of the area, and all electrical work.


Santa Fe Imaging

Owner: Jeff Strausbaugh
Architect:Architecture & Design, PC
Project: Renovation of old office space into medical facility
Contract Amount: $1,098,183
Start Date: April 2018
Completion Date: August  31, 2018

In April 2018, we were asked to renovate a Radio Shack building into a medical facility for a 1T MRI machine, and for a future building out of a CT scanner room and radiology room. Once we began the demolition of the old space, there was a lot of structural work that needed to take place. The MRI room was constructed first, with lead shielding, and an opening in the wall from the outside for the placement of the MRI. 

Offices, restrooms, patient dressing rooms, reception area, lounge, equipment room, and data room, were all part of the new construction phase.


Socorro General Hospital

Owner: Presbyterian Health Services
Architect: Hughes & Associates, Inc.
Project: Addition and Renovation
Contract Amount: $1,066,247
Completion Date: August 2003 

This project consisted of a 4,000 sq. ft. addition to the emergency room and the remodeling of the existing 2,000 sq. ft. emergency room. Because of the critical nature of the emergency room functions, our work scheduling had to be flexible at all times. The hospital was completely operational during renovation – and under the fire laws, emergency exits were required to be accessible during construction. A dust-free work environment was also maintained at all times.