CR Minerals
Pumice Processing Plant

Kirtland Air Force Base Bulk Fuels Facility

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Architect: CB&I Federal Services
Project: New Construction
Project Size: 4,100 sq. ft.
Contract Amount: $2,448,237
Contract Date: August 15, 2015
Completion Date: December 1, 2015

Kirtland Air Force Base Bulk Fuels Facility is a waste water treatment plant. It was constructed to clean the fuel out of the contaminated water from the fuel spill at Kirtland Air Force Base that had been leaking for years, threatening the City of Albuquerque’s water supply. The facility connected to wells throughout KAFB. The water is pumped to the facility where it is then put through carbon scrubbers and is later pumped offsite to injection wells where it is put back into the water table as safe clean water. Mick Rich Contractors was contracted through Chicago Bridge and Iron alongside the Corp of Engineers to complete this building. The building consisted of a split face masonry, steel joists and decking with a TPO roof system. The processed piping that connected to the carbon scrubber storage tanks was a complicated design but it was installed without issue. The facility is now pumping thousands of gallons of contaminated ground water each day, cleaning it and putting it back into the water table.

LANL Atlas
Pulsed Power Plant

Owner: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Engineer: Dean Oliver International
Project Size: 30,000 sq. ft.
Contract Amount: $500,000
Completion Date: April 2006

Mick Rich Contractors teamed with Martinez & Turek of Rialto, California to furnish and install the support structure for the target chamber, twelve tri-plate tanks with the support structure, 12 maintenance units’ tanks, and the steel catwalk that surrounded the Atlas Project. The tri-plate tanks and the maintenance tanks were laid out radially from the center support structure. All equipment was laid in degrees from centerline and distance from center. The tolerances were ± 1/8” across the 80’ diameter of Atlas Project. The tri-plate tanks and the maintenance tanks varied +/-1 1/8”. A sequencing of the tank installation was established to ensure tolerances were met. The first week of installation, LANL determined to begin installation of the capacitor and conductor plates before all tanks were completed. This required establishing a new sequencing plan and revision of the quality control plan before the equipment was set.

LANL Cooling Tower Replacements

TA-53-62 Cooling Tower Replacement Project #1
Owner: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Architect: Chavez-Grieves Engineers
Project Size: 14,160 Square Feet
Contract Amount: $1,348,045
Completion Date: June 2000

Mick Rich Contractors was responsible for the installation of the structural steel, miscellaneous metal, steel handrail and aluminum grating on the project, installing approximately seven tons of structural steel; three tons of miscellaneous metals; five hundred feet of handrail; 1,000 square feet of aluminum grating; and the pre-engineered metal building.

TA-53-64 Cooling Tower Replacement Project #2
Owner: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Architect: Chavez-Grieves Engineers
Project Size: 14,160 Square Feet
Contract Amount: $2,390,473
Completion Date: March 2002

Cooling Tower TA-54-64 replacement project was the last of two cooling tower replacements for TA-53. The existing cooling tower had been in operation for many years and exceeded its design lifetime. The structure was at risk of failing. Cooling Tower TA-54-62 project was comprised of a concrete cooling tower basin (40’ x 120’) with a Marley cooling tower, one equipment building (96’ x 35′) with recalculating pumps, boiler and heat exchanger, water treatment system, electrical distribution system with motor control center.

As with Cooling Tower #1, Mick Rich was responsible for the installation of the structural steel, miscellaneous metal, steel handrail and aluminum grating and successfully supervised subcontractors for the installation of the pre-engineered metal building, mechanical and electrical systems.


Owner: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Architect: DWL Architects & Planners, Inc.
Project: New Pre-Engineered Metal Building Design Build
Contract Amount: $4,800,000
Contract Date: April 2016
Completion Date: May 2018

The Los Alamos National Laboratory DEOS (Dynamic Equation of State) was construction in a secure lab area in what is called a HE, high explosives area.  The Pre-Engineered Metal Building was designed and constructed for the testing and firing of large guns.  LANL also has a need to move these large guns, so we were required to install a 4 ton bridge crane to carry equipment and materials the length of the building.  The 12” thick concrete slab was design to carry the large loads of the guns. Utility trenches were installed in the slab so LANL could easily reroute the utilities as need for the gun lay-out.

The building consisted of two (2) buildings, the gun building where they fire the guns, and the control building, where the equipment is installed to monitor the firing.  Due to the large guns, we constructed a 12 thick concrete “blast” wall to insure the safety of the technicians.The building required a complete fire sprinkler system, which required the installation of a 8” water line 800’ in length.

Plutonium Facility

Owner: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Architect: LANL Design Engineering
Project: Renovation of Shower Rooms
Contract Amount: $874,600
Contract Date: April 2016
Completion Date: May 2017

The Los Alamos National Laboratory SII Locker Room Expansion was construction in the highly secure TA-55 area within the Plutonium Facility.  Because of the high security, entry into the TA-55 site was both a challenge and an experience.  With the high security required to enter the site, workers were required to pass through metal detectors with their tools and any other materials brought into the site on their person.  All other materials passed through the gate and were inspected each time they arrived on site.

The project consisted of the renovation of the Men’s and Woman’s changing rooms, showers and restrooms with the replacement of tile throughout the project and upgrading the layout for handicap accessibility.  During construction, access to the changing rooms was required for the duration of the project but both the showers and restrooms were closed off to LANL employees during the renovation.  Due to the plutonium, all materials removed from the project required radiation inspections and were not taken off site by MRC personnel. 

Lofland Company

Owner: Lofland Company of New Mexico
Architect: DWL Architects
Project: Pre-Engineered Metal Building
Contract Amount: $1,303,076
Completion Date: 07/11/2006

CMC Construction Services, a major fabricator of steel rebar, was ready to expand its Albuquerque plant. After interviewing several construction companies through a competitive process, Mick Rich Contractors was selected for the expansion project.

We designed and constructed a 35,000 sq. ft. structure that included two 5-ton and one 10-ton bridge cranes, which enbales CMC to better meet the growing demand for steel rebar.

To support the weight of the new cranes and their loads, we needed to construct a new foundation and overhead structure. The structure required the installation of 24 auger case piles, each 18” in diameter, buried 65 feet in the ground. The foundation required 1,600 yards of concrete – equal to 200 cement trucks.

Adding to the project’s complexity was that it required us to coordinate construction without interrupting the client’s operations.

Sacred Wind Communications

Owner: Sacred Wind Communications
Architect: Jack Harris Architects, Inc.
Project: New Construction
Contract Amount: $484,425
Completion Date: May 2009

The Sacred Wind Communications complex at Yatahey, NM is a 3,400 sq. ft. wood-framed structure comprised of various office spaces. These include individual offices, a reception area, restrooms, a break room, a conference room, and several open areas for cubicles. The project also included landscaping the areas adjacent to the building and the installation of a new asphalt drive at the existing tower entrance. The contract allotted for 17 weeks for construction; but we completed the project in 12 weeks.

Schott Solar

Owner: CH2M Hill-Lockwood Green
Architect: CH2M Hill
Project: Three Pre-engineered Metal Buildings
Contract Amount: $4,817,418
Completion Date: February 2009

This was Schott Solar’s first photovoltaic production facility in the United States, located in the Mesa del Sol Development that is revolutionizing the southern Albuquerque metro area.

The new facility produces both photovoltaic modules and receivers for concentrated solar thermal power plants. Three pre-engineered metal buildings were designed and fabricated by Nucor Building Systems: a 115,000 square foot receiver building, a 56,000 square foot modular building, and a 22,000 square foot office building. Mick Rich Contractors offered the best delivery schedule, utilizing Nucor Building System’s newest fabrication facility in Brigham City, Utah.

LEED points for using 80 percent recycled steel – the industry’s leading efficiency rating – while remaining competitively priced, made Nucor the optimum choice of manufacturer. Also essential was Nucor’s commitment to meet or exceed stated delivery dates with no cost increases.

The Schott Solar facility comprises 200,000 square feet, and employs 350 people in the first phase, representing a $100 million investment. Eventually, Schott expects to more than double the size of the existing manufacturing plant.