Anansi Charter School, Taos

Owners: Friends of the Anansi Charter School
Design Engineer: Living Designs Group Architects, Inc.
Contract Amount: $1,060,104
Completion Date: 09/30/2009
Project Type: Modular

Phase I
Construction of a 3rd grade classroom and media center of approx. 1,856 sq. ft., consisting of a wood framed pre-manufactured modular building; which was built on Mick Rich Contractors’ property in Albuquerque and transported, in whole, to Taos, NM.

Phase II
Construction of 4th and 5th grade classrooms of approx. 1,856 SF consisting of a wood framed pre-manufactured modular building; also built on Mick Rich Contractors’ property in Albuquerque and transported, in whole, to Taos, NM.

Both buildings were assembled together and are now a permanent structure.

Aztec High School

Owner: Aztec School District
Architect: Rodahl & Hummel Architects
Project: Renovation
Contract Amount: $2,369,398  
Completion Date: February 15, 2006 

Included in this renovation project were minor demolition of restrooms, lobby, and west corridor of multipurpose building; complete renovation of restrooms, lobby, and storage rooms; replacement of doors campus-wide; renovation of gymnasium lockers and bathrooms; and new electrical and HVAC equipment upgrades.

Bandelier Elementary School, Albuquerque

Owner: Albuquerque Public Schools
Architect: Vigil & Associates
Project: Renovation & Addition
Contract Amount: $2,711,876
Completion Date: October 13, 2008

Mick Rich Contractors demolished the northwest portion of the existing school and constructed a new 4,679 sq. ft., two-story addition containing a new kitchen and upper level tech lab. Additionally, we renovated the existing cafeteria, restrooms, classrooms & teachers’ lounge into a new cafeteria, restrooms, teacher workroom, ramp and reading area, comprising approximately 8,138 sq. ft. Renovation included construction of a new loading dock and dumpster enclosure, and upgrades. We also replaced and added evaporative coolers to the HVAC system.

Gilbert Sena Charter
High School, Albuquerque

Owner: Sena High Foundation Inc.
Architect: NCA Architects
Project: Renovation
Contract Amount: $399,417
Conract date: June 1, 2017
Completion Date: August 15, 2018

Gilbert L. Sena Charter High School is located in the North East Heights of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The project scope was an interior school remodel of over 10 thousand square feet of space.

The existing school interior was primarily an open space. Before becoming a charter school, the space was used as a call center for a phone service provider. Before renovation, the space was divided by thin partition walls and cubicles. The charter school focuses on IT and computer science technology so, there was a huge amount of IT involved in the project.

We were approached by the foundation to renovate the school interior. We were contracted to design and build the interior renovations. We were successful at completing these tasks by working close with the client, their IT contractor, the clients alarm system provider, and by coordinating with our design and construction team.

The entire construction schedule was a duration of 10 weeks. It was a very high pace job and there was little room for error. We have since been contacted by the client for additional work and will start the next project with them the fall of 2018.

Larragoite Elementary School, Santa Fe

Owner: Santa Fe Public Schools
Architect: Bauer, Freeman, McDermott Architects
Project: Addition & Renovation
Contract Amount: $3,338,741
Completion Date: December 7, 2004

A remodel to an existing 9,970 sq. ft. classroom building, this project consisted of complete interior demolition – including mechanical and electrical, construction of new walls, windows, ceilings, doors, casework, floors, bathrooms, roof – and new construction of a 13,850 sq. ft. gymnasium, bathroom and administrative area. Work consisted of concrete foundations; a pre-engineered metal building for the gymnasium and bathrooms with a standing seam metal roof and metal wall panels; and a structural steel frame at the administrative area including metal stud walls, stucco and a built-up roof.

Interior work consisted of gyp board walls, carpet, acoustic ceilings, rubber floor at gym, ceramic tile, casework, athletic equipment, telescoping bleachers, and new mechanical and electrical systems.

 Site work was extensive and included demolition of existing parking lots and sidewalks, installation of new site mechanical and electrical utilities including a fire loop line, new asphalt parking lots that included a loop road around the site, and new concrete sidewalks.

Los Alamos High School
Duane Smith Auditorium

Owner: Los Alamos Public Schools
Architect: FBT Architects
Project: Addition & Renovation
Contract Amount: $1,935,312
Contract Date: July 13, 2017
Completion Date: April 13, 2018

The Duane Smith Auditorium Project was located at Los Alamos High School in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The scope included a remodel of the existing auditorium vestibule area and a covered walk area. We started by demoing the existing vestibule area and the covered walk area. After demolition we laid new plumbing for restrooms and then poured a new foundation.

The new space included a new vestibule that included a concession stand, ticketing stand, 2 offices, a men’s restroom, women’s restroom, family restroom and pre-concert space. The pre-concert space joined the auditorium and band wing of the school.

The project was very challenging because of the age of the building. Challenges were presented when we were demoing the existing structure and during tie in with the new structural elements. We worked close with the engineer, architect and owner to overcome these challenges.

The project was successful and we were able to renovate the building to tie in with the recent building improvements throughout the school.

Nava Elementary School, Santa Fe

Owner: Albuquerque Public Schools 
Architect: Vigil & Associates 
Project: Renovation & Addition 
Contract Amount: $2,711,876 
Completion Date: October 13, 2008 

Our work on Nava Elementary School included demolition of selected site elements and replacement of concrete walks; and a remodel of the existing school building with demolition and replacement of selected walls, finishes and casework. The project also included an addition to the multi-purpose building of approximately 600 sq. ft. with supporting plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work.

Socorro High School

Owner: Socorro Consolidated Schools
Architect: AIA Architects
Project: Addition & Renovation
Contract Amount: $3,219,973
Completion Date: April 12, 2003 

This project consisted of an 80,716 sq. ft. remodel and 6,100 sq. ft. new facility construction. We built the project in three phases, with the final phase completed while school was in session. The first phase of the remodel consisted of the 54,680 sq. ft. north and east wings. This included demolition of all ceilings, old bathrooms and floors, and installation of an all-new electrical service, plumbing, fixtures, acoustical ceilings, lights, quarry tile and finishes.

Concurrently, we constructed the new addition of 6,100 sq. ft. with new biology and chemistry lab classrooms. The first phase of the remodel was performed in 90 days while school was on summer break, while the new addition was completed in 180 days with a lead time for the specialty casework of 150 days.

Upon completion of the new addition and the transfer of classes, teachers and students, the last phase of the project began. We remodeled the south wing, which consisted of 26,036 square feet, in 60 days.

In addition to the upgrade of the entire school to meet ADA requirements, we added an access ramp for the auxiliary gym. For safety, we installed a fire sprinkler system in 92% of the entire building (104,600 sq. ft.), which included a new dedicated water service line.

Mick Rich Contractors successfully met a very tight schedule on this project, working in a confined area with school in service during construction. Communication and relationships were positive and constructive throughout the project.

Taos Middle School

Owner: Taos Middle School
Architect: Living Designs Group
Project: Renovation 
Contract Amount: $1,496,467.00
Completion Date: 09/26/2010 

Taos Middle School project consisted of an extensive remodel of the core use areas in the school. Scheduling was tight, as all work needed to be completed during the summer months before classes resumed. 

Mick Rich Contractors gutted and completely remodeled the locker rooms, kitchen, and 10 bathrooms. We also refinished the floors, painted, added new bleachers in the gymnasium, and added new ceilings, floors, and acoustic treatments in the cafeteria.

Tucumcari High School

Owner: Tucumcari High School
Engineer: Greer Stafford SJCF, Inc.
Project: Renovation
Contract Amount: $3,158,500
Completion Date: January 22, 2012

Vocational Agricultural Building: Interior renovation of approximately 6,721 square feet of class rooms and shop area, including HVAC replacement and site work.

Rattler Gymnasium: Interior renovation of approximately 27,162 square feet of Gymnasium and support spaces; complete HVAC & electrical upgrade and site work. Rhodes Field House site work.

Rhodes Field House: Interior renovation of approximately 11,671 square feet of gymnasium and support spaces; removal & replacement of the roof; electrical upgrade.